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How to Back Date Your WordPress Post [Easy Method]


Hi Folks! Today we will learn how to back date your WordPress post.

WordPress allows users to change dates on any posts that users write. A post can be published with the current date and time, with a back date to a previous date and time, or even scheduled for publication in the future. We’ll demonstrate how to back date your WordPress posts in this article.

Start by editing the post you wish to backdate in your WordPress admin area.

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On the post editor screen, then under Publish meta box you will see the option to publish the post immediately. There is an edit link just next to it. The time and date settings for the post will be shown if you click the edit link.

How to Back Date Your WordPress Posts

You can select any day and time in the past, present, or future using the date and time options. You can schedule the post to go live at a future date and time by selecting those details.

how to back date your wordpress posts

On the other hand, selecting a previous date and time will update the post’s date and move it up or down in your site’s archive pages. For instance, even if you recently wrote a post, it will show up on the January monthly archive page if you change the month of the post from June to January. The post will also show this on the admin area’s page listing all posts.

When you want to publish an article but don’t want it to show up on the front page of your website, this is quite helpful. Simply backdate it to a time before the most recent post on your site’s front page.

How to Show Last Updated Date

Some users think that they should completely delete dates from their blogs in order to trick search engines into thinking that their material is always fresh and not time-sensitive.

We completely disagree with that viewpoint. It is bad for user experience and does nothing to improve the SEO of your website. 

For websites where material is often changed, last updated dates are particularly helpful. Here’s how to display the date that a post was last updated on your WordPress site.

Look in your theme files for the code that displays the post’s date and time (usually in loop.php or single.php). Put this code in its place after that:

Last updated on <time datetime="<?php the_modified_time('Y-m-d'); ?>"><?php the_modified_time('F jS, Y'); ?></time>

We hope this article helped you learn how to back date your WordPress post. You may also want to see our guide on how to create custom shortcodes.

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