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How to increase max upload file size in WordPress

How to increase maximum upload file size in WordPress step by step

Want to upload bigger than 2MB file on WordPress but not able to do that? Looking for a way to increase maximum upload file upload size in WordPress.

In this article, we will see how to increase the Maximum upload file size in WordPress. There could be multiple reasons for this action. If your server has a smaller default upload file size, you can use the methods below to increase the maximum file size.

Why we need to Increase the Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress?

The standard file upload size in WordPress is very small. It is 2MB by default. The default size is too small and it may work with fewer thumbnails, but when it comes to installing a theme, which needs few large files and images it turns into a problem. For example if a user needs to upload a bigger Image file of 10MB, then it turns into a problem.

By default, WordPress don’t allow for larger files to be uploaded, but if you find yourself in this situation, don’t fret, because with the right tools, you can upload even large files to your site.

Let’s learn you how to increase the maximum file upload size on your WordPress website.

What is the Default Maximum File Upload Size Limit in WordPress

To check your maximum file upload size limit in WordPress from your site dashboard, click on Media . Then click on Add New. on the bottom line you will see the limit.

Have a look at the screenshot below:

default maximum upload file size
Default Maximum Upload File size

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Different Ways To Increase the Upload File Size:

Before starting we want you to turn on debugging in WordPress.

1- Use a Plugin to increase upload file size

If you are afraid of editing the code then this method is for you. as you know there are plugins to do everything in WordPress and you can use one for this purpose also. you can try WP Increase Upload Filesize plugin

2- Via Functions.php file

Functions.php file contains a lot of configurations and functions. you can use that file to increase the size: use the code below to the end of your functions.php file.

Tip: You can access the functions.php and php.ini file from your WordPress Dashboard by using any file manager plugin

@ini_set( 'post_max_size', '128M');
@ini_set( 'upload_max_size' , '128M' );

@ini_set( 'max_execution_time', '300' );

3- Via php.ini file

One simple way is to edit your php.ini file all you need to do is to create s file on your computer with the name of “php.ini” and put the following code in that file:

upload_max_filesize = 128M
post_max_size = 128M
max_execution_time = 300

If you are able to find this file on your server. feel free to edit that file and replace the values.

Note: M refers to MB.

4- Contact your Hosting Provider (Easiest Way)

If you want to upload larger files, you need to contact your company’s support team and ask them to increase the maximum upload size. this is the easiest and fastest method if you are a non techie.

Here are a few tips and pointers to help you with that:

1. You should contact your hosting provider via phone or live chat. It’s the fastest way to get your issue resolved.

2. Remember to be polite. On live chat, don’t be afraid to ask for the support representative by name (if the company has a 24/7 live chat feature).

3. If the representative you’re talking to doesn’t seem to know what you’re talking about, take a deep breath and explain the situation once more, being as detailed as possible.

4. Once your issue has been resolved, make sure to let the company know that you’re happy with their service by sending a thank-you email or leaving a positive review.

Say goodbye to file size limits! Here We made a video for you as well.

Still having Problems? Let’s upload the files vis FTP/SFTP

If nothing worked then let’s go the painful route by uploading files via FTP or SFTP like FileZilla or any other your like. you can get the same functionality by a plugin named “Add From Server”

Closing Words:

In this articles we covered various ways with solutions and it depends on you that which route you want to go. the simplest and easiest way is to get in touch with your hosting provider and all good hosting provides expect this from their client.

We hope that today you learned exactly how to increase max upload file size in WordPress and how many ways to do that. if this article helped, then please subscribe us on YouTube channel for more WordPress tips, tricks and tutorials.

There is one more method that can help to increase upload file size that is editing .HTACCESS file but we haven’t shared that just because it can break your website.

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