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Is WordPress Outdated in 2023?


Why we are talking about WordPress when there are a lot of modern and fancy languages/ tools out there in market like react, Node, Gatsby, Next Js etc.

So, Is WordPress Outdated in 2023 or Not?

Let’s try to find the answer.

Basically, I want to give you a fresh prospective about WordPress in 2023 that its still not outdated.

If you work on WordPress then obviously you can still make a lot of money with WordPress. Because, WordPress is still holding around 50% of market share.

A Few Known Issues in WordPress that you have to face?

Issue #1: The Speed.

Back of time one of the major concern of WordPress user were the speed. as you know with the installation of more plugins the website on WordPress gets slower and slower.

But, Its not the issue anymore with the concept of Headless WordPress.

Issue #2: Security

The other major concern was the security. and with the introduction of headless concept this issue is also gone as the backend and frontend are now totally separate from each other.

Advantages of WordPress in 2023.

WordPress is not Platform Dependent anymore.

Yes, you heard it right! WordPress is not platform dependent in 2023 as we can go cross platform using Rest API and the Headless WordPress concept. Many people are going towards Gatsby and server less environments as well.

There is a video version of this short article as well on YouTube that you can see below as well

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