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How to Make Money Online with WordPress in 2023


Can you make money with WordPress?
What are the various ways to make money from WordPress?
How much can I earn with ?

if you have these questions in your mind, then you are at the perfect place . in this ultimate guide to make money online with WordPress I will try to guide you each and everything that will help you to take a start.

Actually this is the thing why there are a lot of people choosing WordPress as a career just because, it has a lot of scope and opportunities. But how much? Let’s see the potential a little bit later in this article

Firstly, let’s quickly understand what is WordPress and why you need to select WordPress to make some money.

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Why WordPress? Is it worth Selecting?

As you know WP is most famous CMS(Content Management System) that grabbed the attention of almost 50% of business owners and webmasters and still getting famous day by day. there are various reasons for that and a few of them are listed below:

1- WP is Open Source

Wait Mudassar! What does that mean?

In WordPress, The term open source refers to something people can share and modify for themselves because its publicly accessible. and that is one of the reason is that much famous because the WordPress community is really helpful and if you are stuck in any issue you can get help easily on the internet.

In fact, there are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins you can simply use in your personal or commercial projects without any issue.

2- WordPress is Budget Friendly

There are a lot of other CMS as well but they are not Free. But, WordPress is easier to use and cheaper to maintain than others. You can always find someone to help you if you need to change the design or fix something. There are a lot of people in our Facebook group who are ready to give you their services free of cost.

There is no monthly cost if you already purchased a good hosting and there are a lot of free themes and plugins that help alot in getting started.

3- Completely Customizable because its designed for anyone not just Developers

Before WordPress became so much popular, it was just a blogging platform. It was not designed for building complex websites. But now, it is one of the most popular and powerful CMS (content management system) that can be used to build any kind of website. there are a lot of written and video tutorials available for learning how to use the functions of WordPress.

4- WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Google and other search engines loves WordPress because it allows people to easily publish and manage their own content and it’s easy to find. Google also likes WordPress because its great for SEO (search engine optimization). thanks to YOAST SEO, Rank Math SEO and AIO SEO Plugins that made the life of bloggers easy.

5- Do I have to pay to use WordPress?

As a software WordPress is free of cost for you to download and use. However, to use WordPress on a web server you just need to pay for domain and hosting.

if you are a small business or just starting your website or blog. then WordPress would be the best choice for you because you just have to pay for domain and hosting and you are good to go. all you need to do is to setup WP and install a good theme with a few plugins in order to start getting business.

Don’t wanna use for free?

If you need something more professional all you need is a premium theme. Obviously it will cost you some money. usually a good premium theme on Theme forest costs form $30 to $100

How much money you can make with WordPress?

It depends from country to country but the best answer to this question is “Sky is the limit”. its same like the other professions you can make millions of dollars if you want to do.

There are multiple factors involved on how much money you are going to make. a few of them are:

  • Do you want to do a job or Freelancing?
  • How skilled you are in WordPress.
  • How much work you have done and how many clients you have.

Other Factors like consistency, communication skills, problem solving skills, and technical skills also gets involved. However, your skills and good communication skills can help you grow on a rapid pace.

What are the ways WordPress developers use to make money?

Actually, there are a various ways by which you can make money with WordPress. Depending on your area of interest and skill set you can select a method that you like the most. here is one of my video on YouTube in which i talked about 10 different ways.

Let’s list them down here as well.

  1. Freelancing with WordPress
  2. Blogging
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Become a WordPress Virtual Assistant (VA)
  5. Theme Development
  6. Plugin Development
  7. Create an E-commerce store
  8. Website Flipping on Flippa
  9. Dropshipping
  10. Youtubing

PRO TIP: In order to succeed you must need to keep learning new things and the best and easiest way of doing that is to learn one thing daily. this formula helped me a lot in my professional career.

Freelancing with WordPress

In simplest words WordPress freelancing refers to offering you WordPress based services to the world. this is one of the most trending and growing field in US, India and Pakistan.

when it comes to skills, if you have some good skills and strong communication ability then this field is for you. yes, there are some hacks and best practices in order to succeed in freelancing but anyone who wants to do it can do it.

Now the question is how to start freelancing with WordPress? I will answer this in my upcoming mega guide to Freelancing with WP. but for now i have made a video on it you can check it out on out YouTube channel.


Blogging is one of the most famous and money making skill that helped millions of people to generate passive income. and you know what WordPress is their first choice when it comes to blogging.

All you need to do is a proper niche research, keyword research and reader’s friendly content along with some good authority backlinks. then you can generate some handsome income for you and your family.

Actually, there are a lot of ways in blogging that you can follow in order to start. there are a lot of websites that are talking all about blogging. we will list down a few of them here on our website as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective way for bloggers to make money online because it gives a handsome amount of percentage to its marketers (up to 10%) you know it’s very similar to blogging and WordPress is being used for that purpose widely all you need to do is to put affiliate links in your article and when people go through that link and purchase something you get your commission.

Let’s have a look at a few best Amazon Affiliate Plugins that can help you to boost your affiliate income.

Become a WordPress Virtual Assistant (VA)

I know about assistant but who is a virtual assistant? According to investopedia “A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.”

so, a WordPress virtual assistant is the one who is giving his/her services related to WordPress to a webmaster from a remote location. you can easily find virtual assistants on famous freelancing and outsourcing platforms.

Fiverr, Upwork, TopTal are named a few.

Let’s say you want to increase max upload file size you can get it done by your VA as its a normal routine task.

Question: When I can become a WordPress VA?

Answer: Its all about your skillset. if you know how to manage WordPress properly then you are good to offer your services as well.

Make Money with Theme Development.

You already know that Faster with the themes like Divi, Avada, Astra, Flatsome and many. but who developed that?

Those superhero’s are the developers like you and me who think outside of page builders and started making their themes and started selling them on Marketplaces like ThemeForest.

Yes, you can also do the same if you know development and you have some know how of PHP(Programming Language)

Make Money with Theme Development.

If you know about themes you should also know about WordPress plugins as this is the area where people get stuck and ask for professional support. you can offer you plugin development and customization services to help those people.

Create an E-commerce Store

Not interested in Development and coding work? Nothing is show stopper in WP. you can setup your own ecommerce store within hours and start selling some local products

ie: Make A Store that sells Mobile Cases for iPhone Only.


If we are talking about E-Commerce then how can we forget “Dropshipping”? yes, you heard it right. you can do dropshipping using WordPress and woocommerce.

there are some plugins like AliDropship and other that will help you to do that efficiently.

Website Flipping on Flippa

You E-commerce store is making stable income and you are getting bored working on the same things? the good news is you can sell your websites on flippa and similar marketplaces. this practice is known as “Asset Flipping”.


Video content gets better engagement than written content and now a days many youtubers are making millions when they make videos is a specific niche. and if you are a WordPress guy then you know it very well that you can make thousands of videos specifically on WordPress as we are also doin on our YouTube channel.

Quick Summary

In this article we tried to cover different ways to make money online with WordPress along with some details. but it’s totally depends on your own interest and skillset. you may start a blog if you are good in writing otherwise you can can run a YouTube channel also. Freelancing is also a good option if you are good in communication with people and want to solve their issues.

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