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How to make sticky header in WordPress | A Step by Step guide.



A header is the core of how a user navigates your website and is frequently the first thing they see when they visit.

Regardless of whether you have a media, education, community forum, eCommerce, or personal website. The header makes it simple to explore and a delight to utilize.

We’ll show you how to use Elementor to make sticky header in WordPress in this article.

If you haven’t heard, you can make a sticky header for your website without writing a single line of code with Elementor.

Let’s get going!

Steps to make sticky header with elementor

A user of a website can always access the header and menu section of the page thanks to sticky headers in WordPress.

Step1: creating your menu

To make sticky header to your site first, you want to make the Principal Menu in your wp-administrator > Appearance > Menus. Include the section you want the header to display.

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Step 2: creating your header in WordPress using elementor

In the wake of making the fundamental menu, go to Elementor Layouts > Subject Developer. Select the Header section from the theme builder page and select “Add New Header.”

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Give the header template a call and click “Create Template” at the pop-up screen.

You will then be taken to the page for the Elementor editor. You can choose a header template from the options here or make one from scratch.

For this aide, we’ll make our Elementor tacky header without any preparation.

In the Elementor editor, you can see some header widgets before we begin creating a template. We can quickly and easily make a header by using these sections.

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Step 3: creating a header template in elementor

Add a two-section structure. Ensure that the substance width of the segment is “Boxed”.

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Under the “Alter” Segment set the principal section width to 20%.

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Presently add your Site Logo to the main section, and select the left arrangement.

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In the subsequent section, add a Nav Menu and select the fundamental menu you made in sync 1. Move the navigation menu to the right.

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For this aide, we’re making a straightforward header. By including things like hovering animation effects, buttons, and a background color, you can give your header a more intricate look.

Step 4: how to make your elementor header sticky

It is now time to convert our basic Elementor header into a sticky header.

Click on the Edit section (the entire header section) to accomplish this. Go to Cutting edge > Movement Impacts.

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Select “sticky to the top” from the motion effects menu, then click the “Publish” button next to the “devices” where you want the sticky header to appear.

Elementor prompts you to add a condition to your header after it has been published. Essentially, by adding conditions you can show the header any place you need on the site.

We wanted to display this header throughout the site, excluding the 404 Page, in this case. Thus, we remembered the Whole Site for the dropdown and rejected 404 Page.

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As you can see making your custom Sticky header with Elementor is both no fuss!

Different sticky header design options for elementor users

Elementor accompanies a scope of header formats out of the case, everyone is exceptional, sleek and helps your clients effectively explore your site.

With Elementor, you can plan your site headers anyway you need. The site logo, for instance, can be placed in the center, with the main menu located below it. You can add another header over the fundamental header to show the telephone number, social buttons and that’s just the beginning.

A few examples of the various header design options available to Elementor users are listed below.

Example 1: showing sticky header in wordpress website or particular page

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Example 2:

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Example 3:

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Example 4:

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Users of your website may find it easier to navigate your site if you include a sticky header, which can increase clicks to all areas of your site.

Elementor eliminates the need to manually employ Javascript and CSS to create sticky headers. Making a sticky header for your website has never been easier thanks to Elementor sticky headers.

Please let us know in the comment section if you have any questions regarding our topic how to make sticky header in WordPress.

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