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WordPress Development Roadmap 2023-2024 | A brief guide to WordPress

WordPress Development Roadmap 2022-2023 | A brief guide to WordPress

Hi Folks!
Today am going to share a WordPress development roadmap that you can follow and become successful with WordPress. this is my personal experience compiled into a video for you.

Disclaimer: This article is not about how to develop a website using a page builder like elementor.

This WordPress roadmap is for developers who selected it as a career and want to get succeed in it.

Learning Step 1 : Understand What actually WordPress is

In this phase you need to understand what is WordPress and how it works behind the scenes. like understanding the WordPress database tables, files and folder structure etc.

Let Learn: How to Remove Review Tab in WooCommerce without any plugin.

All you need to do is install in and do a little bit of practice to get used to it.

Learning Step 2 : Learn the basics of HTML and CSS.

as you know html and css is an essential part of a website so you should know some basics of

Php and MySQL.

Note: Its not necessary to become an expert in all these languages. all you need is to get familiar with code.

if you want to learn these all languages see our courses guide

If you learn these you would be able to do some customizations according to your needs.

Learning Step 3 : Understanding WordPress themes and its structure.

Let’s assume you have basic coding knowledge and some WordPress understanding now you should understand the theme files and and the theme structure and its hierarchy.

after understanding the theme structure you will know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

a few common WordPress theme templates are:

and so on.

PRO TIP: Try to customize these themplates.

Learning Step 4 : Understand WordPress Hooks and Actions.

In the next step you need to understand WordPress hooks.

Basically there are 2 type of hooks in WordPress.

1- Action Hooks
2- Filters

Learning Step 5 : Hands on to Gutenberg Editor.

as you know WordPress is evolving so fast and getting better everyday. so now you should also upgrade yourself and get familiar with Gutenberg Editor.

You should make some landing pages using Gutenberg editor and try to create you own custom Gutenberg block.

FYI: Gutenberg itself uses REACT for its frontend rendering so you should also start learning react basics.

Learning Step 6 : Make it Headless (Headless WordPress)

Wait! lemme ask a question first:

What is Headless WordPress?

In Headless WordPress, Basically the frontend and back end of WP works separately without any dependency. there are some major advantages of headless over conventional WordPress approach. a few of them are:

Improved Website Speed
Better Search Rankings
Better Website Security
Easy Migrations
Cross Platform support

We Also made a video on this WordPress Development Roadmap go ahead and you can watch this on our YouTube Channel.

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