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WordPress is Turning 20 Years Old in 2023

WordPress 20th anniversary

Yes, you read it right! WordPress is turning 20 years old in 2023. there are a lot of scripts, software’s and content management systems are out there but surviving that much long is really cool.

Matt Mullenweg at State of the Word 2022 annual keynote address told us this that WordPress will be 20 years old in 2023

Its all started from just a blogging platform.

initially WordPress was designed with the blogging mindset but with the passage of time it evolved so much and now its about to turn 20 years old. and you name it and WordPress can do it for you. either its a blog, an e-Commerce store or a CRM it has everything you want.

What to expect from WordPress in 2023?

as you know its the best CMS around the globe that is improving drastically during all those years, you will be able to see a lot of things including:

New block based themes.
PHP 8.x compatibility upgrades.
Security and Speed Improvements.
WordPress Events all over the World.

Let’s celebrate together on WordPress 20th Anniversary.

On their 20th Anniversary there are a lot to come like the new edition of their “Milestones Book” that is an open source book that covers 10 years of updates in it. and its not over yet there are some merchandise as well on WordPress 20 years Anniversary and to most out of it you can visit their website named where you will be able to find all cool stuff regarding the anniversary.

Source: WordPress YouTube Channel

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